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11 Secrets Why People Love Bungalow House Designs in Kisumu

Have you realized that the majority of people who build homes or residential dwellings go for bungalow house designs? There are certain secrets about bungalow house designs in Kisumu that you need to know and that can help you in your decision-making.

In this article, I’m dealing with the 12 secrets of why people love bungalow house designs in Kisumu, not just 3br bungalow house designs in Kisumu but even 4br bungalow house designs in Kisumu.

  1. Kid-Friendly Living or Easy Accessibility

Bungalow house designs are friendly to kids. The floor level is the same unless it’s sunken in some rooms. This makes bungalow house plans kids friendly as it eliminates or minimizes the chances of accidents. 3br bungalow house designs in Kisumu or even 4br bungalow house plans give kids for space to play and move within the house.

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mansion vs bungalow
  • Open-Concept Designs are Highly Desirable

Bungalow house designs work well with an open concept which many people desire. Whether it’s a 2br bungalow house plan or a 5br bungalow house design, the open concept works well because all the rooms share the same ground level and therefore can be executed in an open plan.

Open concept designs are desired because they eliminate a lot of walls and provide excess natural light which a maisonette will be limited due to the need to have some columns at specific places and walls.


  • Bungalows Come with Big Backyards

This is another nice secret with bungalow house plans in Kisumu. The backyard can be growing vegetables or storing kitchen stuff like charcoal or firewood. A bigger bungalow house plan will give you a better backyard. The design of your bungalow house will also dictate the size of your backyard. Generally, 3br bungalow house plans in Kisumu or 4br bungalow house designs in Kisumu will give a great backyard.

  • Privacy

There is adequate privacy since there is no floor suspended which outsiders can view. The main challenge with maisonette privacy is that the upper floors are exposed to outsiders. They see what happens on the balconies and so on.


  • Flexibility

Bungalow house designs offer a great level of flexibility in terms of structure alterations. You can add rooms or even convert them into maisonette designs. You can also change the roof design and so on. You can also change the position of the walls without interfering with the structural strength of the house.

  • Affordable Maintenance

Bungalow house plans are easy to maintain. The walls and even the roofs are easy to maintain without a lot of technicality. The main issue which affects the bungalow could be a leaking roof which you fixed by changing the roofing sheets or using silicon or a mix of both.

3br bungalow house designs in Kenya
  • Good Investment with a low-cost home

If you are looking for a low-cost house, think of bungalow house designs. The cost of slabs is usually so high compared to contemporary roofing. A three-bedroom maisonette is usually more costly than a three-bedroom bungalow house because of the additional suspended slab.

  • Open Space Floor Plan

Bungalow house designs will enable you to implement the open space floor plan if you want an open space plan. The bungalow can do with very minimal walls hence making it ideal for an open space concept. Your house design should be that which you desire and if you want an open plan, think bungalow house designs.

  • Suitable for beginners

New homeowners tend to start with a smaller budget. This small budget tends to offer good bungalow house options. This makes it affordable for many with the desire to own a house.

Best Bungalow House Designs in Kisumu

  1. Great for Seniors

As people age, they become less mobile and flexible therefore the bungalow house designs tend to suit them more because they don’t climb stairs. If you are thinking of senior members of society, think of bungalow house plans in Kisumu.

  1. High-Demand for Resell

Bungalow houses tend to have high demand in the market. The possible reasons for this include; affordable price, flexibility to alterations including converting to a maisonette among other reasons.

4br bungalow house designs in Kenya


Are you looking for a house design for your house project? Is the house for the rural area or urban setup? It all starts with a good house design.

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