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4 questions to ask before looking for one bedroom house plans Kenya

There are many people out there who when they wanted to buy a house, their first action was to search for house plans Kenya. Much as this is not a bad move, there are some questions which you need to process before looking for a house design or architectural drawing. Whether you are looking for a one bedroom house plans Kenya or a two bedroom house plans Kenya, there are questions you need to process properly for you be guided.

What is the size of my plot?

This is the beginning point. In many urban dwelling like Nairobi, the usual plot size for residential project is normally 0.01ha or 100 square metres. This is same as 10metres by 10metres plot. This is means you cannot go for a bigger plan which will take more than 100 square metres or close to it. Your house should not take more than 75% of the size of the plot however small it is.

Before you go for a one bedroom house plans Kenya or a two bedroom house plans Kenya, establish the maximum portion of your land which the house can take.

What is the shape of my plot?

Plots can take different shapes. Most of the plots are rectangular but some can be triangular. Some plots are square and some are also narrow rectangular. This shape should be share with your architect who will draw your plan. You can have two plots of same size 0.02ha but one is measuring 8metres by 25 metres while another plot is measuring 12 metres by 17 metres. Though they measure the same size, you can’t have identical plan for both plots.

What other facilities will be on the plot?

Other than the house, there are other facilities or spaces you may need for other things like garage, septic tank, Water reservoir, Outdoor shade, Garden, External kitchen, Playing field, etc. You must have all these facilities or spaces in mind so that the plan provides space for them. Do not jump into searching for a one bedroom house plans Kenya or a two bedroom house plans Kenya before reviewing everything which will be on the compound.

How many rooms?

Many people may say that this is an obvious thing but the truth is that majority think of bedrooms, kitchen and lounge alone. When you want to build a house, you must figure out the rooms you want in the house other than the obvious one so that when you look for a plan, the architect can advise from the beginning of the sizes or what the plan entails given available space.

With these questions out of your way, its time you go for the house plan Kenya of your choice. Whether it’s a one bedroom house plans Kenya or a two bedroom house plans Kenya, go for it because you are better informed to make the right decision.

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