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7 Factors which drive out Tenants from Rental Apartments in Kenya

As an investor in rental apartments in Kenya, you need to take a moment and ask why some apartments are nearly full while another one will struggle to have tenants or hold on to the tenants for a while. This is why I want to look at some of these factors so as to prepare you for your next rental apartment project.

1. Access

A rental apartment should have good access for tenants to come n and go out. Some access roads turn off clients and can make tenants to vacate an apartment in a very short time. When planning on putting up a rental apartment in Kenya, think of the access road.

If the access is poor, project the effect financially of improving the access road so as not to turn off potential tenants in future. As a construction company In Kenya, we have seen many clients who have done nice apartments go for months without getting tenants thanks to bad or inaccessible roads.

2. Rent

Rent is the means of recovering your investment in a rental apartment in Kenya or anywhere in the world. If you charge your apartment cheaply, you are likely to have a constant flow of tenants with a very minimal vacancy period but the years you will take to recover your investment will be longer than the usual timeline for a similar apartment.

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Similarly, if you set a higher rent for an apartment compared to a similar apartment in the same locality, then you are likely to find difficulty getting new tenants. If also possible that even the existing tenants will move out upon realizing that they pay the excess. Therefore finding a balance is critical, to say the least.

3. Services offered

Services to a rental apartment or lack of while cause tenants to stay or leave your apartment not long after taking up a tenancy. As a property management company, we have seen properties that are poorly managed tend to experience a high turnover compared to well service apartments.

Services to the apartment include cleaning, waste collection and disposal, internet provision, and security among other services. As a construction company in Kenya, we advise as much as possible our rental apartment house plan in Kenya clients that the plan should make room for service provision.

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4. Structural issues

There are structural issues in a rental apartment that can cause a client to switch to another apartment. Such structural issues include lack of provision for some sections, provision for internet connectivity and even leakage, cracks, etc. These will always be reasons to understand structural issues to cover.

5. Maintenance and Repairs

An apartment which is poorly managed is likely to drive tenants out. As a property owner or developer, you should ask the source of water.

6. Type of neighbours

Neighbours can cause your apartment to become vacant. A peaceful neighbour will create a good environment and that’s not the case.

7. Security

The security of an apartment will warrant clients to vacate your premise or stay.  Tenants want to know the fence status, security guardhouse, alarm system, type of doors and windows and even the general safety of the children. All that form of the security of the apartment. When one is missing, some tenants become very uncomfortable and can be the cause of tenant move-outs.

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