3 Things about the Cost of Two Bedroom House in Kenya.

Building a home is not all about shelter, but the tranquillity that comes permanently with the house matters a lot. Thousands of us would wonder what is the cost of two bedroom house in Kenya. That should not be a worry since with a plan you will get to save more. Although the building may come with setbacks, the results that will be out will not only amaze you but also the neighbours.

But we must understand that the house can be rental or personal. Therefore, if we talk about the cost of two bedroom house in Kenya rentals, we will have to consider how many floors the house will have. If the rental apartment is measured at 600 m² and the range of the building is Ksh 10,000-80,000 whereby each unit will have two bedrooms. One floor will have four units and depending on the number of floors let’s say five, will cost differently when it is built with three or four bedrooms.

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The cost of two bedroom house in Kenya will be calculated according to the data given above. For example, estimate the owner’s budget to be at Ksh 20,000.

20,000×600×5= 60,000,000 this will be the cost of two bedroom house in Kenya (rentals). Rent is always calculated at 0.5-10%of the total cost of the building depending on the location and other factors that may increase the rent. For example, 0.0005 ×60,000,000=30,000, therefor the rent for one unit will be 30,000. But to get the average rate of return, 30,000×4×5=600,000 per month.

In a year 600000×12=7,200,000 to get the rate at which the owner will get back his capital 60,000,000÷7,200,000=8.33 which is equivalent to 8 years and 4 months that the owner will get back the cost of two bedroom house in Kenya that he spent. But if the house will be located in the up markets like Runda, Lavington, or kileleshwa among other places the average rate of return will be less meaning rent will be high or average.

cost of two bedroom house in kenya

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But, if the house is personal, it may cost less but it will also depend on the specifications that are put in the house. If the house will measure. If the house will measure 450m² the cost of building the house can be estimated. If the owner plans a budget that will fall on Ksh 30,000 per m² then the cost of two bedroom house in Kenya will be 30,000×450= 13,500,000 Kenyan shillings. There will be no average rate of return since it will be a family house.

The cost of two bedroom house in Kenya may fluctuate depending on the area in which it has been built and the quality of aesthetics used in the house. If high quality is used, the house’s cost is likely to shoot high. Talk of the finishes which are known to be the most expensive part of the building process. But as I said earlier, if you will be well Planned for the building then you will not feel the burden at all.


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