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Factors to consider when selecting a 3 bedroomed house plans in Kenya

Have you ever thought of owning a house? If yes, then you’ve probably thought of either buying or building one. Apparently, the greatest dilemma you’ll definitely come across when jumping into such initiatives is the planning as well as the budgeting processes. Now, 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya do come in as the best option for those who’re interested in a house that costs less, is economical in size and does not also take too much to put up.

Let’s have a look at some of the factors to put into consideration when selecting such a house plan.

  • Regulations of the county

Now, each and every county has its own regulations and the most important thing to do is to, first of all, find out your county’s regulations. Some of the factors that get affected by the county regulations are;

  1. Plot coverage: this is, how much of your land you’re permitted to build on.
  2. Plot setback: the amount of space required between the boundary of your property and the house.
  3. Plot ratio: refers to the size of the house you want to build compared to the size of your property.

These are some of the things that you’ve got to look at. And this also calls for seeking help from a construction company in Kenya that will ensure that you select three bedroom house plans in Kenya that are in line with particular regulations in your county.

  • Budget

The idea of owning a home is so exciting, such that many people get overly excited until they select house plans that are far much above their budget. It is very important to keep your budget in mind when going for a house plan, lest you start making adjustments here and there in the middle of the construction. You’d rather have a simple, elegant and decent house design that you can afford and end up with a beautifully furnished and finished house, than go for a huge house that is below the par.

Also, when budgeting, do not forget to include all the costs, such as the costs of getting approvals by the relevant government bodies and the costs of all professional services.

  • Space

Who doesn’t like space? This is one of the key things that need to be looked into when calculating the cost of building a three bedroom house in Kenya. There’s nothing as discouraging as realising at the completion of the house that the rooms’ sizes are smaller, hence insufficient to your family’s needs. It’ll means that you’ll either live with the discontentment or see how to expand, which will be another expense altogether.

  • Lifestyle (both current and future)

When it comes to lifestyle, you’ve got to look into both the current and the future in the selection of the house plans. Note that a house plan that suits you now may not favour you a few years coming. If for instance, you have small babies, you’ll opt for a house plan with an open floor, and when they grow up into teenage, you’ll realise that there’ll be need for more privacy. Or, you can also factor in the fact that in your old age, you may not be able to climb the staircases going to the upper rooms.

So, these and others are some of the things to consider when doing your selection of the 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya. Remember, a home is among the many important assets you’ll have the opportunity to own. Therefore, get it all right by doing the right thing.

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