Five Phases of the Construction Life Cycle

Many organizations begin by strategizing on how they will be successful in every phase of a construction project. Most of the questions asked are how do I begin a construction project? Or How do I complete it successfully?

Getting to understand every step and phase of the construction life cycle requires absolute knowledge of the requirements of each phase and how they operate hand in hand to successful completion. An organization depending on obsolescent solutions for project tracking can be more complicated. It depends on whether the organization uses an in-house solution or spreadsheets.

The main question is how organizations can perfectly manage the construction life cycle from start to completion. The essential step of understanding the construction life cycle knows each phase and stage of the process.

The five phases of the construction project lifecycle are:

  1. Project Initiation and Conception
  2. Project Planning and Definition
  3. Project Execution and Launch
  4. Project Performance
  5. Project Close
  1. Project Initiation and Conception

This is barely the beginning of the project, it is usually not simple as it seems to be. Coming up with an idea for the project is easy but translating it to be applicable requires a committed project team since the project requires loading from each side.

Any project idea developed should be immediately revealed in detail instead of later setting the stage for a successful project since time is so essential. A feasibility test allows one to examine the scope and goals of the project and determine how it is realistic if one is not sure of when and where to start at.

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  • Project Planning and Definition

As soon as the project is approved and worth undertaking, the second step is the actual planning of the project. The project should be developed alongside the objectives and goals in this phase

In this phase, planning is critical since it solidifies the entire project. This is where the foundation of the project begins and the selected team will be entrusted to define the project, pick out regularity and exhibit the scope of the project from start to completion.

In this stage, the budget is estimated, drafted and validated. The entire project team should devote a lot of time to the budget plan. This is the most time-consuming phase in the project and it determines the failure or success of the project

  • Project Execution and Launch

Project implementation is the most exciting phase of the project. All the planning and the scope are put to test at this stage. Any little mistake made in this phase can be damaging down the road, so the organizations ‘and the team’s terms should be in agreement.

The use of progress reports along the construction life cycle allows the organization to observe each part of the project allowing necessary adjustments to be made by the project leads.

  • Project Performance and monitoring stage

Performance is measured at this stage to make sure that the project is running according to the scheme and is within the planned budget.

To track any kind of progress in this phase, diurnal supervision is required, and a devoted team of project and construction managers is required.

Once the project has begun in earnest comes to the project performance and monitoring stage. In this stage, the project’s performance is measured to ensure that it is running on schedule and within budget. Information is vital in this stage, and it is up to the project leaders to maintain project alignment.

  • Project Close

This is the end of the construction life cycle. In this stage, the project leaders present and hand over the completed construction project.  They also finalize each aspect of the construction process from planning the budget of the project to the modification of the building or the construction site.

The project leader ratifies the closure of the project after the final inspection and getting the client’s approval. This is when the project is completed.

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How Can A Solution Help Simplify the Construction Life Cycle?

Organizations usually delay processes and implementation issues without any understanding of the five phases of the construction life cycle and how to craft a successful construction project.

Construction projects rely on monitoring project numbers and action items and reacting accordingly. The problems vary from rocketed budgets to work order failures. A single mistake ruins the project before it even begins.

The right software solution is an immediate polish to the issues. Most problems are usually solved responsively waiting for an issue to arise instead of taking charge to solve it. Organizations can get over their problems as early as they appear by moving to a monitoring platform with a proactive focus.

The software solution also speeds up phases of the construction life cycle from budget scheming to managing change orders to streaming project timelines. The speed and ease of a quality software solution can only make the lives of each member of the time more manageable and each phase simpler to complete.

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Consolidating the Construction Process

The capabilities of construction managers and project leaders to streamline processes comes after understanding each stage of the construction life cycle. Organizations get the chance to craft quality timeliness and establish project scopes to meet target dates and save finances both in short and long term projects.

With the introduction of best-in-class, tailored software solutions, organizations can move beyond a reactive role in their construction projects to a proactive mindset and a software solution that can take advantage.


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