When we talk of modern, technology comes into sight. The 21st century can not be compared to the past century. There has been a vast change in everything and it has helped a lot in the construction industry. The modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya have been made complex and luxurious that no one can imagine.

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A little example of modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya that we can relate to is the earth house. The house is built on timber, sticks, and a roof either grass thatched or iron sheets. But, in the present day, houses have fully adapted to the iron sheets. The houses are now modified by being plastered with cement and installation of glass windows which makes them look like a permanent house design. Therefore, it is called a semi-permanent house design.

Modernity has changed everything, for example, the prefabricated houses. Modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya can be built as Expanded Polystyrene Housing (EPS). EPS walls are built using polystyrene panels that are contained in concrete and mesh which takes a very short time to construct.

Technology is doing marvelous work by introducing admirable alternatives and measures. The modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya are designed to have several roofs,  we will major on the one improvised roof design, flat roofs. The flat roofs are usually slightly tilted for proper water flow. The roof is cheap since it either has short eaves or is built according to the shape of the house.

The modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya with flat roofs made of concrete are further improvised and can be coated by Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) which is a rubber that acts as waterproof. It will prevent water from soaking in the concrete roof making it flabby and dangerous.

Think of the traditional house designs which have been modified. For Example, contemporary houses known for their present sliding glass windows, colonial houses that are very big known for the columns and pillars at the entrance, Victorian modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya distinguished by their steeply peached roofs with periodic shapes and Mediterranean house that has arched doors and windows among other traditional house design that have undergone modification.

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The modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya will take two models, a bungalow or a mansion. At a younger age, those were the names of houses that we used to call out even without knowing their meaning. A bungalow is a single-story house, naturally with rooms all on one ground level, or occasionally also with upper rooms fixed in the roof space. A mansion will have some of the rooms on the upper floor, that is it may have two or more floors.

Modernity has simplified everything for this generation and the ones to come. Have you heard of intelligent residence industrialization? This is where the modern three bedroom house plans in Kenya are inaugurated with devices that are used to control the lighting and air conditioning of the house that are smartly connected to your phone. Then with a tap on the screen, everything happens like you want them to, the temperature and lighting.


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