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Three bedroom house designs in Kenya are standard structures that are valued among citizens. The house is big enough to confer for a large family, but even small families can still move in and use the other rooms as gyms, offices, libraries, art studios, or whatever comes to mind. Instead of buying many houses to meet the family’s desires, a three bedroom house is the best compromise to split the difference.

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Three bedroom house designs in Kenya are not the same in the regions. Each region will have its fixed price that can only be slightly reduced when building with experts. Depending on the region you call home, the rates will be bracketed at (Ksh 20,000-100,000). As stated earlier, the cost can not be fully derived, it might be more or less than the range tagged, but most regions will have their prices in the range above.

Simplicity must be the apex thought if we desire to build a cheaper house. The three bedroom house designs in Kenya are built in a simple structure, where unnecessary rooms and wall structures are excluded. Consider rooms like the dining, gyms, library, and guest rooms can be excluded. The sitting room can be used as the dining room, the bark yard can be modified into a gym, the library can be fixed in each room, and the sitting room can be used as the guest room.

three bedroom house designs in kenya

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Three bedroom house designs in Kenya will have a standard size of 160 m², therefore, a plot area of 300 m² can suitably fit this house. The main entrance leads to a living room of 5.4 by 4 m², the house can be contemporary therefore, the door will be made of sliding glass.  The master bedroom is always more spacious than the other bedroom. It always has its utility room and bathroom for privacy. The other rooms can share the other room that the guest will use.

If the kitchen of these three bedroom house designs in Kenya is built in an open structure. If the kitchen is open enough to the sitting room where the meals will be taken, the cost is saved when the structure wall is cut off from the plan of the house. Despite the simplicity, the house must be exquisite and presentable. Having balconies and patios that are well maintained and, most importantly, the front porch to be big enough even to have chairs where one can sit.

The beauty of the three-bedroom house designs in Kenya will have pictures of the individuals’ honor. The eloquence of the house must be an expression of the elegance and modified styles that must be the envy of the modern dwelling designs in your vicinity. Therefore, we must consider if the house should be a bungalow or a maisonette. Such things will depend on the taste and preferences, the location, and the budget set for construction.

A mansion is a house design often has two or more floors, sometimes called a duplex. A bungalow design is the contrary, therefore having one floor that accommodates all the rooms suggested for the three bedroom house designs in Kenya.


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