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We will all desire to have houses that are beautiful and decorated with outstanding aesthetics. So, the majority will say that the finishes of a house will matter a lot since they will present the beauty of a house design. Four bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya will require more of these beautiful decorations. Have you thought of the ceilings and how they add to the beauty of a house? Then that is the best thing to think of.

A bungalow will have all its rooms on one floor. We might have many questions about bungalows, but the best question would be ‘how much does it cost to build four bedroom house plans in Kenya?’ the question arouses many things that will have answers only when you have planned for it. Also, the price might increase depending on the kind of aesthetics used, but is not worth it?

In this article, we will see the different types of ceilings that four bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya. The type of ceilings can help you communicate and understand your vision of the type of house you want.

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Conventional ceilings

They have a standard drywall finish that is made of low-cost material. They are plain flat and can take the shape of any construction material sizing. Despite being cheaper, the house can feel closed in when it is put too low, that is why it is often recommended to be put at 8-9 feet high. This will increase the resale value of the house. From the picture beside, the ceiling is flexible enough even to fit in four bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya. therefore, this makes it a type of ceiling in high demand.

Four bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya

Suspended ceilings.

Sometimes they are referred to as hangs suspended from a metal grid below an existing ceiling. Somehow it is used for beauty. This type of ceiling allows architects and designers to hide mechanical installations like plumbing and electricity. The four bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya will be presentable and its outlook will be exquisite just as the picture shows. It gives flexibility to the designers and therefore majority would refer you to this kind to make their work easier and enhance the outlook of the house. This design will require high accuracy and skill, therefore, experts will be necessary.

Four bedroom bungalow house plans

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Coffered ceilings.

They are mostly installed in high-end homes, libraries, churches, or homes among other types of premises. It is a perfect design of classic and luxurious aesthetics applied in a house. This type of ceiling will require only those specialized in this kind of ceiling since it is technical which brings out the beauty that nourishes our eyes. Think of four bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya with this kind of ceiling, does it not look beautiful?

4 bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya

Tray ceiling.

They start on a similar plane and then drop as other levels are added, just as the name suggests the ceiling will form a tray. The outside part of the ceiling surrounds the raised centre of the ceiling which is the highest part of the ceiling. It becomes lower each time when another level is added to the ceiling. Such ceilings will make four bedroom bungalow house plans in Kenya beautiful and more presentable to the owner.

Four bedroom bungalow house plans Kenya


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