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Building a house is an investment that a Kenyan would want. Thousands of people would search for types of house designs in Kenya and cost-saving designs. This article will enable you to understand the factors that determine the cost of building a house in Kenya and how they vary according to various house designs and house plans in Kenya.The best wish a Kenyan citizen would want is to have a home of their wish. There are very many house designs in Kenya which are suitable to build and their costs.

Factors that may determine the choice of a house design in Kenya and cost

There are various factors that determine the choice of house design in Kenya. In this article we will be reviewing the the factors that affect your choice of house design. This factors will also affect the costs of building a house in Kenya.

1.     The land sizes

This is the actual size of the land that a well-experienced surveyor from a known construction company has stated.  Measurements will help know the size of land available for construction and will help you choose a design of choice

2.     Family size and needs

Different cultures have different ways of life, some families would like to live as a single family and others would go for the extended family. A large one will require adequate space for living, the same applies to a simple family. Some families may require additional rooms like gyms, study rooms, children’s playground guest rooms, etc.

House Plans Kenya

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Classifications of house plans

There are several types of house plans in Kenya that are suitable for certain beautiful house designs in Kenya

1.      Contemporary home.

This is a house design in Kenya that changes with time, any technological change will lead to the upgrade of the house design, it is an old age house design but as time goes by, new trends emerge and the design tends to adapt with the ongoing trend. It can include a mixture of different house designs.

2.      Fabricated house

These are houses that are easy to set up and highly energy-efficient, they are made from the ruins of a building which are taken back to the factory for recycling and then used in construction again. Also, it is often an old house that is done and painted without taking the whole building down.

This house can help a lot in times of crisis or disaster like floods, or war which can be set up by the government for those who lost their homes. Contractors will advise your clients to have enough money before building their dream house.

3.      An apartment

Is a single unit house from a whole building with multiple floors which can be used as a dwelling base, shop, office, or any other non-residential purpose. They are similar to condominiums but differ since apartments cannot be owned but rented. They share facilities like swimming pools, corridors, lifts, clubhouses, both tennis and basketball courts etc.

For apartments, unlike any other house design in Kenya, its exterior maintenance is none of the tenant’s business, the owner maintains the exterior outlook and bills, and the tenant concentrates on the interior only.

4.      Condominiums

Like apartments, condos share facilities and appear to have similar characteristics. The difference comes in when condos can be sold independently to the buyers, they can be owned. Also, condos are a unit of a house from a whole building.

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When thinking of where you want to live, very many things come up and all of them are often worries that every home builder has in mind.

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