What August 2022 Elections will mean for the Real Estate Market in Lamu County.

Lamu is one of the areas in Kenya with most noteworthy capability of blasting the real estate market in the country. Ongoing major infrastructural improvements, for example, fruition of the Lamu port have significantly affected the real estate market in Lamu. With the August 2022 general races around the bend, we anticipate some effect in the real estate area in the seaside region.

Realities about Lamu County

• Lamu Island traces all the way back to fourteenth century when it was known as a customary Swahili settlement.

• Lamu Old Town is quite possibly of the most established town in Kenya and contains basically of old engineering.

• Lamu is found 241km upper east of Mombasa.

• Lamu County covers 6474 km2

Areas to visit in Lamu

A portion of the well-known attractions in Lamu include:

• Takwa Ruins

• Lamu Fort

• Siyu Fort

• The Donkey Sanctuary

• Lamu Meseum

• Lake Kenyatta

The above fascination locales have significantly affected on the real estate market in Lamu particularly during the zones where they are found.

Different hotels convenience offices are laid out in the areas to serve the enormous interest of the offices by vacationers visiting the district.

Lamu Town

Lamu town is one of the most visited traveler objections in Kenya. It draws in sightseers from everywhere the world because of its wonderful sea shores, well-disposed individuals and special culture that must be found in Lamu town. Most of the populace are Muslims who communicate in Swahili as their most memorable language yet in addition have a few information on English and Arabic

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Estates in Lamu

A portion of the private estates in Lamu are:

•             Manda Ras Kitau

•             Shela

•             Lamu Old Stone Town

•             Manda Settlement

•             Lamu Mashambani

Lamu Real Estate Market

The activity of the Lamu Port venture has prodded a flood of financial backers in Lamu’s central area region, with both nearby and non-native individuals checking out the province’s thriving real estate market. When considered tired regions, Lamu’s Mokowe and Hindi regions are going through a change as business and private rental units spring up around the towns to satisfy the need of lodging that encompasses the port region.

A fast study of land costs in Lamu’s central area of Mokowe, which is the new County Government Administrative Headquarters, uncovers that a one-section of land real estate parcel was sold for Sh 250,000 a few years back. Today, it costs basically Sh 2.4 million assuming it is near the recently tarmacked municipality streets.

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority has likewise contributed Sh 1 billion to foster a 15-kilometer municipality street connected to the Lamu-Witu-Garsen street and with it, encompassing area bundles have likewise soar.

 Political applicant Raila Odinga in his plan of exchange said his administration will deal with manners by which Lamu port will connect the East Africa Region to oversea districts through the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. His number two is that Lamu region has been picked as one of the towns that will be changed to turn into a city. This will enormously support the real estate market in Lamu.

On the otherside ,the Deputy President Dr.William Samoei Ruto has guaranteed the occupants of Lamu that he will uphold low pay workers through the base up monetary model. Assuming executed it might empower potential youthful financial backers obtain quicker advances that might prompt development of organizations. This will thusly support advancement of framework which will result to quick development of real estate market in Lamu.

Hotels in Lamu

There are a few hotels in Lamu County that have really affected the real estate market of the area.

A portion of the lodgings incorporate the accompanying:

•             Banana House and Wellness Center

•             Kijani

•             Lamu House Hotel

•             Jua House

•             Msafini Hotel

•             Jannat House

•             Subira House

Roads in Lamu County

The state has spent more than 25 billion on roads in Lamu. A 15 km street covers Hingi to Kiunga while another 100km street covers Ijara to Hulugho in Garissa County currently.The two streets praise Lamu-Watu-Garsen street which is likewise vital in advancing the real estate market in Lamu.

The roads network in Lamu County has fundamentally worked on the economy of the area. It has additionally cleared way for progress in different areas influencing real estate like lodging, the travel industry and exchange.

The roads network additionally further developed the travel industry since it has given simpler admittance to sea shores situated along Lamu Island and Manda Bay Beach Resort on Lamu Island. This made it simpler for sightseers to investigate Lamu Island and partake in its magnificence without voyaging significant distances between areas.

The Development Sector in Lamu

As per the ongoing Governor Fahim Twaha, the Jubilee party has high possibilities conveying the day because of the various advancement projects embraced in the district under the ongoing system.

Lamu port development in Kenya’s Coastal Region has seen three compartments finished and has begun tasks. It has spent significant time in dealing with compartments and oil freight between the East African hinterland and the remainder of the world.

Regardless of being distributed billions of shillings in subsidizing for its ventures, Lamu County is still far from being finished. A portion of the undertakings being referred to are over five years delayed, while others have been deserted out and out.

The Manda Airport remodels and development project has been deferred by north of five years and its destiny stays obscure; in the interim, the Mpeketoni Customs Jetty redesigns were deserted after a couple of months’ work was finished. The Lamu Technical Training Institute at Hongwe stays incomplete notwithstanding getting Sh84 million from the province government.


Lamu occupants stay confident on execution of the slowed down projects which will be vital to quickly affect on the real estate market in Lamu.The question stays to be whether any of the triumphant official competitors will follow up on the slowed down projects.

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