Having a bigger house with several specifications is the dream that most of us will desire. The process of building can become tiresome and very stressful but once you think of the results, you will gear on and plan even a bigger house, you can search for 3 bedroom house plans with photos in Kenya and what you will find will amaze your eyes.

Houses come in different models, but the main ones will be the bungalow and maisonette. All the other house designs will always take either of these models.

Contemporary 3 bedroom house plans with photos in Kenya.

This house design is known for emulating or mimicking the trending designs that may come up. But still, they maintain the aspect of tradition inside their structure. This feature makes it adapt t to all the generations and reigns that will ever be on earth.

From the design above the house is designed to be in a bungalow model. The house design with time will have different features but with a similar concept on it.

Container house designs

Space is becoming a big problem, as daily the population increases. The land is becoming a problem as well as the prices are increasing. In these articles on 3 bedroom house plans with photos in Kenya, you will see how convenient the house is and cost-saving. The building time of the house is reduced to at least 60% and the cost of building can be saved up to 15% and beyond.

The house design is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Thus, it is flexible. Also, its maintenance cost is low as compared to other house designs in Kenya.


As you look at the 3 bedroom house plans with photos in Kenya, those working in the cities and towns with families will think of apartments.

From the picture, you can count a few numbers of units of a house on each floor. Thus, an apartment is a unit of house in a building that is used for either residential or commercial purposes. This place is usually decorated nicely so as to attract tenants. From the picture you can see a swimming pool this is a facility that will be shared among all the tenants in the building, they may also share the lifts, courts (tennis and basketball), the clubhouses, and many more facilities.

Apartments are rented and not owned. This place must be located at a strategic position for easy entrance and exit of cars and people. It is a commercial building as well as a residential building. They can be many in one area of the city like kileleshwa and are hence called a multi-building.


Just like apartments, it is a building with several units in one large building. Condos are large buildings that cannot be rented but are owned by the buyer. The house design is always treated as real estate; it has similar features to the apartments and shares many things with apartments.


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